5 unique gifts for new moms

If you have a new mom in your life and are looking for a nice gift for her, baby-centric gifts always come to mind. But you don’t want to go down the well-trodden path of bottles, onesies, and blankets that you’re sure she’s already received enough of. So we recommend giving your sister, best friend, co-worker or sister-in-law something for her. Being a new mom is a whirlwind of an experience, so new parents would greatly appreciate anything that made their lives easier – from nursing covers to a portable diaper clutch. Have we inspired you to do a little shopping? We’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for new moms.

Nursing cover


La Rose Nursing Cover

Ideal for moms on the go! This beautifully delicate and feminine nursing cover is perfect for new moms who don’t want to compromise on style while providing them and their baby with maximum privacy. Made from 100% cotton muslin, this lightweight and breathable nursing cover ensures comfort for mother and baby and also features an adjustable neck strap. The unique print gives you a classy feel, ensuring you can use it at home, while at a restaurant or anywhere you go with your baby.

Nursing arm pillow

Nursing Arm Pillow

A nursing arm pillow is a must-have for every new mom. These innovative and comfortable nursing arm pillows make for extremely practical and unique gifts for new moms. Not only do they help with your posture, but also reduces reflux for your baby as they are being fed at an angle. Being lightweight and compact, you can take them along anywhere. Just pop them into the diaper bag, your handbag or even clip it on to your baby’s stroller! This is easily the most gifted product of 2018!

Diaper clutch 

Off-we-go! Diaper Clutch

Diaper bags are great, but not exactly practical. You don’t always need to pack everything when you step out with your baby. That’s where diaper clutches come. These compact and functional clutches strike the perfect balance between size and space. They’re big enough to carry every diaper-change necessary and small enough to slip into your handbag or stroller. They open out into a roomy, padded changing area, so you don’t even need to carry a separate sheet or look for a changing room, making them one of the best gifts for new moms.

Travel pouch


Scoops and Smiles Travel Pouch

When you travel with a baby or a toddler, there are a number of things you need to carry with you. Not just essentials, you need to remember to take some toys and playthings along to keep your little ones entertained. If you’re looking for unique gifts for new moms, then a travel pouch is a great idea. They can hold your little ones’ most prized possessions while also being compact enough for you to carry around hassle free!

Pajamas for mom


Women Navy Star Pajama Set

Most new mums are most comfortable in soft and loose clothing. However, the odds are that she probably enjoys dressing herself a little bit. Upgrade her look with a cute and comfy pajama set. These pajama sets make the best gifts for new moms – with their soft, breathable cotton fabric, adorable prints and with their button-down tops, they make it easier when it’s time to nurse the baby. You can personalize it too (we recommend “best mom”)! The new mommy in your life might not be getting much sleep, with her little one keeping her up. Gifting her a pair of these pajamas will make her feel appreciated and cared for.

New parents, and especially new moms experience a lot of changes when they welcome a baby into this world and would appreciate any help you offer. Sit down with her for a heart-to-heart conversation, spend time with her or even offer to babysit so she can take a quick nap.

Now that we’ve got your mind bubbling with these fresh ideas for gifts for new moms go ahead and surprise her today! You’ll be sure to make her day. Head out to Little West Street for more interesting gifts for new moms.