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Founded in 2015 in New York City, Little West Street has become synonymous with quality, practicality, and ethics

Our mission from the outset was to create a brand whose products exemplified these traits and allowed parents (and babies) to rest easy knowing that our team has been mindful about every step of the process, from design and production to how it performs and looks in your home.

Our Founder, Samridhi (Sam) Ganeriwalla, had the vision to create Little West Street after having a difficult experience while shopping for her first child. Sam felt compelled to take into account the karmic consequences that came with each purchase to ensure that her son came into the world with happy energy and good vibes. And that meant asking the tough questions: Where did these products come from, how were they made, and what were they comprised of? After countless hours of research, Sam came up short and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Sam started by ensuring that we work with only the finest, natural fabrics, which are considered best for little ones (and for the environment). Our team of skilled artisans carefully loom, construct, and stitch each piece, providing an heirloom-quality finish that can be passed down for generations. We ensure our artisans work in an ethical environment, are well-paid and respected, so they can progress and support their families.

Little West Street is a gift, from our family to yours, and we hope that you will take comfort in your purchase, knowing that you are contributing to a kinder world with less waste and more joy, one stitch at a time.

thoughtful design

Our products are hand-crafted with love with every little detail been taken care of. We strive to craft products that are not only beautiful but practical and safe so you can cherish them for years!

heirloom quality

We hand-pick the finest, natural fabrics, which are best for your little one and the environment. Our fabrics are specially made for us to ensure they are perfectly soft and durable.


We empower our artisans so they progress with us. We work with low/on-demand inventory, so products are always new and there is less wastage. With our new fabric packaging, we bid farewell to single-use plastics.

brand with a heart

Giving back is in our DNA. You can enjoy the good vibes of your purchase knowing that it provides nutritious meals for 150 children in slums of New Delhi. In addition, we contribute for kids’ heart surgeries, kids' wish network and underprivileged moms-to-be. We are dedicating to expanding our impact every year!

About the Designer

Samridhi (Sam) Ganeriwalla had the vision to create Little West Street while she was pregnant with her first child. She wanted the products she was purchasing for her newborn to be stylish, luxurious, and high-quality, yet practical, durable, and ethically sourced. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, Sam turned to her family in India, who owned a textile business, allowing Sam to have direct control over her line. With her love for natural fabrics, in-depth knowledge of manufacturing, and obsession with employing ethical practices, she successfully created a quality brand with a heart.

As a mom of two, Sam understands that motherhood is a beautiful and amazing experience, but it can also be overwhelming and emotional. Choices that once seemed easy now require infinitely more thought with considerations like ethics, functionality, and safety. That is why she has made it her mission to make those choices easier for you as you navigate parenthood.

  • Samridhi GaneriwallaFounder, Little West Street
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