Benefits of using organic cotton for babies

As mothers, we always aspire to give the very best to our little ones. One area you can ensure that is by researching and buying the right products for your bundle of joy, especially in the early days. From onesies to diapers, swaddling blankets to their bedding, it is important to use the right products to ensure your little bundle is comfortable at all times.

Opting for natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, especially for products they use every day is a great start. Natural fabrics are breathable, more comfortable on sensitive skin and also bio-degradable (so better for the environment!) versus synthetic fabrics such as polyester which are usually made from petroleum-based chemicals. At Little West Street, we use only the finest natural fabrics that are loomed especially to our high standards, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We are taking this a step further with the launch of our new organic collection, which is made from superior GOTS certified organic cotton. Our new organic collection is not only the softest and most beautiful yet, it provides many more benefits for little ones, especially babies with sensitivities.  Here are the benefits you can enjoy when choosing our new organic collection:

Free from toxins

GOTs is the highest standard of certification for organic cotton. This ensures that the entire process from growing the cotton, processing of the cotton seeds to dyeing and printing – every step is chemical- free. There are elaborate harvest mechanisms that preserve the purity of this natural fiber making organic cotton a perfect choice for new born. We have transformed this high quality organic cotton into the softest swaddles, bibs, blankets, bedding and more for your precious bundle of joy to enjoy!

Take, for instance, our vibrant gender-neutral Serengeti Organic Collection is inspired by the breath-taking Serengeti in Africa or the soft, adorable Snuggle Bunny Organic range that follows a playful little bunny. Both these collections also make great gifts for a baby shower!

Safe for your baby’s skin

Your baby’s skin is five times thinner than your own and much more sensitive. As a result, your little one absorbs chemicals a lot more quickly than you do. One of the most significant benefits of organic cotton for babies is that it is extremely gentle on their skin. Since the material is free from chemicals, it reduces the chances of your baby developing skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, rashes and other skin allergies. Furthermore, since organic cotton is in its natural state, fabrics made from it are anti-bacterial and mold resistant.

To learn more about how to care for baby’s skin, you can also check out our detailed new parents’ guide to baby skincare tips.

Softer and more comfortable

In its natural form, cotton is a soft fiber, but depending on how it’s treated during the manufacturing process, it could become a bit rough. Since organic cotton goes through a less harsh manufacturing process, it remains softer, and might be a better option for a baby with sensitive skin. This is more important for products that touch their skin often such as clothing, bedding, and swaddles.

Long lasting

Organic cotton is also a viable investment. Since organic cotton is harvested and processed naturally, the quality of this natural fiber is not compromised, thus making it last much longer than other materials. Clothing made from organic cotton will not lose their softness even after 100 washes, and will also continue getting softer!

Good for the environment

Organic cotton is better for the environment, as it is free from pesticides and is grown using recycled rainwater. Production of organic cotton leads to lesser carbon footprints and reduced consumption of fossil fuels.  Further, cultivating organic cotton helps retain soil fertility, besides being less harmful for farmers.

Today, there is a growing abundance of organic cotton, thanks to its plethora of benefits. From baby bedding to clothing, burp cloths to cloth diapers, there is no better option than organic cotton products to make your baby healthy, happy and comfortable. Head out to Little West Street today to grab some of the most stylish organic baby care essentials in town!