How to celebrate your little one’s first Christmas

Christmas is always an exciting time for families, especially new parents. Things that you usually find exciting and magical, you will find even more momentous. Looking at everything from your little one’s eyes can truly make Christmas special. The expression on your baby’s face when they see the sparkling Christmas tree lights for the first time or the way their face lights up when they try their first piece of Christmas candy – all of them make for memorable experiences. This year we’ll tell you exactly what to do to celebrate your little one’s Christmas to treasure the season of merriment for years to come.

Make a cute holiday card

If there’s one thing new parents love to do, it’s whipping out pictures of their kids any chance they get. Christmas is synonymous with family holiday cards and is the perfect opportunity to snap as many photos as you’d like of your precious new family member. With a holiday card, you capture your little one in all their adorableness and share it with practically everyone in your contacts list. So get your camera out and take advantage of the festive season. Take a look at our Santa’s workshop muslin giftset that will be perfect to wrap your baby up in for the perfect photo!

Personalize your stockings

Stockings are an essential part of Christmas décor, one that has been done for decades. Your parents probably had their own stocking traditions that you would want to pass down to your children. To commemorate your little one’s first Christmas, you could start with getting them their own personalized Christmas stocking. If you only need it for tiny trinkets, opt for a small stocking. If you’d rather fill it with bigger gifts or would like a sizeable one for decoration, then you can get yourself a stocking that’s quite roomy. Whatever your choice, make sure the personalized design is something close to your heart so you and your baby can cherish it for years to come. You can take a look at some of our personalised Christmas stockings here for inspiration.

Baby pajamas

Nothing amps up your baby’s first Christmas at home like a pair of cute and cuddly pajamas. And not just any odd pair, but ones that reflect the theme of Christmas. They even make for the perfect outfit for your family holiday card! If you have more than one child or are planning on having another, look for pajamas that are more gender neutral. And remember, your baby will be wearing them for the better part of the day, so you need to make sure they are comfortable for your little one. This Santa-themed onesie made from super-soft jersey cotton will keep Santa’s little elf cozy while you and your family create magical memories.

Visit Santa

Sure, your baby might not know or have the faintest idea about who Santa Claus or Father Christmas is or what he does for a living. But if not for Christmas, when else would they get a chance to meet him? Many countries around the world, as a tradition, take their kids to visit their local neighborhood Santa and pose for a picture. Sitting on Santa’s lap for a memorable picture is one of the best Christmas traditions you can give your baby on their first Christmas. Also, you can enjoy the complete disinterest in Santa’s sack of gifts – it won’t last beyond your baby’s first Christmas!

Look for photo ops

Babies are the most natural models around, turning any setting or situation into a photo shoot. You don’t even have to dress your prince or princess up for their first Christmas. Any time you catch them playing, making a cute expression or even falling asleep, click a picture immediately. You can use these pictures to create a cherished photo album or turn your favorite picture into an ornament for your Christmas tree. Considering personal ornaments are all about the memories associated with them, these photos will allow you to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas. This way you will have something personal to add to your tree every year.

Make travel painless

If you live away from your family, then Christmas is definitely the one time in the year you visit them. This also means your baby’s first Christmas will include their first train or plane ride. Don’t burden yourself by overpacking – extra diapers and formula can be bought at your destination and you will most likely be able to do laundry as well. As a rule of thumb, pack one diaper of every hour of travel and plenty of wipes! You can try our adorable scoops and smiles travel pouch to store all your baby’s diapers in a handy, compact size.

Start your own family tradition

Traditions are what make Christmas extra special every year, and every family has their own set of traditions. For your baby’s first Christmas, think about all the traditions you enjoyed as a child (and still do) and pass them on to your little one. Alternatively, you can start your own traditions with your baby! Whether it is decorating the tree together or leaving cookies out for Santa, wearing Christmas pajamas or sweaters all day, these traditions will be something special just between you and your family and will make your baby’s first Christmas all the more memorable. In fact, it will give you something to look forward to every year, making the already magical season of Christmas sparkle brighter.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and your baby’s first Christmas gives you the perfect excuse to go all out with your celebrations. While making your baby’s first Christmas a spectacular day, remember that it is also your first Christmas as a parent! So go on and create some magical Christmas memories that you can hold on to for years to come. We at Little West Street would love to be a part of your celebrations! Head over to our website to find the perfect baby Christmas gifts for your little bundle of joy.