The essential packing checklist for traveling with a baby

Planning a family holiday is a terrific way to leave your everyday stress behind and spend some quality time together. If luck is on your side, your baby may be asleep for most of the trip. However, your little traveler will require a surprising amount of things to keep them comfortable and happy while traveling. When traveling with a baby or toddlers, planning ahead is essential and will help you be prepared for any situation. Here’s a handy checklist you can use the next time you travel with your baby.

Diaper bag

Your baby’s diaper bag is the most important article you will be carrying during your travels as it will hold all your baby’s necessities. Your diaper bag should hold:

Diapers: Remember to carry more than the required number of diapers. Opt for disposable diapers as they are easier to use when traveling. If your little one is younger than three months, carry one diaper for each hour of our journey, plus two additional ones in case of an emergency. Alternatively, you can carry two diapers per hour with a few extras.

Changing pad: When you are travelling, you cannot be certain that you will have access to clean changing stations everywhere you go. To prepare yourself for any scenario, you will need to carry a changing pad for your baby.

Plastic bags or newspapers: Carry plastic bags of different sizes or papers to store dirty clothes and soiled diapers.

Blankets: You will need baby blankets or swaddle cloths or shawls to wrap your baby up when they need to sleep. This is particularly important if you’re traveling by flight as they can get too cold for your little one.

Other things you should drop into your diaper bag includes hand sanitizer, wet wipes, hand cream, diaper cream, baby-safe sunscreen lotion, and mosquito repellent. You can also check out our blog on new parents’ guide to baby skincare tips.


Whether your baby is on breastmilk, formula or baby food, remember to pack plenty of food with you to suffice the entire journey. To avoid a hungry, cranky baby during your trip, you will need to carry:

Bottles: Carry as many bottles as you can as it might not be possible for you to wash and reuse them later. If your baby has a favorite sippy-bottle, bring that along as well. Having familiar things around them can help them feel happy and comfortable during the trip.

Meals: Get your hands on as many ready-made tubs of baby food as you can. If you’d rather feed your baby home-prepared food, opt for bananas as they are easy to pack and feed. If you’re flying, don’t worry about the liquid restrictions as the rules don’t apply to your baby’s food and drink.

Breastfeeding: If you are still breastfeeding your baby, take a nursing cover-up along with you for privacy. Remember to carry your breast pump along if you need to express milk during your trip.

Since feeding a baby can often become a messy affair, you will need to carry feeding and cleaning equipment along with food. You will also need bibs and burp clothes for your baby to use while feeding.

Bed and bath supplies

To keep your baby clean and comfortable during your holiday, you will need:

Toiletries: Pack your baby’s usual soap, shampoo, bath sponge and lotion. Holidays aren’t the best time to experiment with new products as you might not be able to reach a pediatrician in case the products give your baby a rash or allergy.

Towel: Pack two to three towels for your baby while traveling.

Sleepwear: Pack your little one’s favorite pajamas so they can have a snug night of sleep.

First aid kit

When traveling with a baby, make sure to carry a small first aid kit in case of sudden illnesses. Ensure your baby gets all of his or her vaccines ahead of your trip to avoid any reactions during travel.

Your baby’s first aid kit should contain medication for cough, cold, fever, and upset stomachs, nail clippers, calamine lotion to soothe insect bites, thermometers, a nasal aspirator to clear a congested nose, antiseptic cream, cotton and bandage for accidental cuts and bruises.

Clothes and toys

Remember, your little one cannot express discomfort. While you may be able to stand the heat or cold, your baby will not be able to. To avoid any uncomfortable incidents, pack according to the weather of your destination and take extra precautions. You will need several of your baby’s clothes while traveling:

Plenty of outfits: Check ahead if the place you’re staying at has laundry facilities. If not, carry a minimum of two to three outfits per day of your vacation.

Protective gear: Carry a wide-brimmed cap to keep the sun’s heat off your baby’s face and neck. If you anticipate cold weather, carry a little beanie, gloves, and a shawl while traveling with your baby.

Toys: Keep your baby happy and comfortable at all times by bringing along their favorite toys. Your little ones can be distracted by them, and in a new location, these toys will be a source of comfort and familiarity.

Baby gear

You can’t carry your baby everywhere, particularly when you’re out sightseeing. It will soon get uncomfortable for you and your little one. By packing a few necessary travel accessories, you can make your holiday relaxing for the entire family.

Carrier: Either a front carrier or a sling to carry your baby along. This way, your baby will also be a part of your vacation, seeing, hearing and experiencing the same things as you. Not to mention, you won’t tire from carrying them around all day.

Stroller: A lightweight stroller can be of immense help to you when traveling with a baby. Using a stroller can make things easy for anyone traveling with a baby not only while you’re out exploring, but even within airports or train stations.

Traveling with a baby can a little challenging but with the right planning and a little help, you and your tiny traveler can have fun together on any vacation. Head over to Little West Street to pick up your baby’s travel essentials and be sure to take this checklist with you on all your travels.